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13-Oct-2020Design and Development of a Host Based Intrusion Detection System with Classification of AlertsPanigrahi RanjitBorah Samarjeet
22-Feb-2021Study of mechanical properties and role of Hydrogen on Silicon Carbo Nitride Thin Filmkumar DhruvaSharma Ashis, Swain Prasad Bibhu
7-Oct-2021Synthesis Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of Pure ZnO Nanoparticles and Selective Metal or Semiconductor Incorporated ZnO NanocompositesBasnet, ParitaChatterjee, Somenath
24-Aug-2021Performance Analysis of Multilayer Hierarchical MIPv6 Under Heavy Traffic Condition and Varying Mobility PatternPokhrel KushalSarma HKD, Dutta Nitul, Ghose MK
3-Sep-2021Vegetation Carbon Pool Modelling of the Forests of Sikkim Himalayas Using Remote Sensing and GIS Based ApproachesKumar PradeepPradhan Ratika, Ghose M K,
6-Sep-2021A cloud computing architecture for robotsNingombam, DhrubaSingh, Chingtham Tejbanta and Ghose, Mrinal Kanti
20-Jul-2018Development of a suitable technique for analyzing chaotic spectra of dc dc converters and its application in secure communicationThukral, Manish KumarSherpa, Karma Sonam and Garg, Kumkum
1-Aug-2018Investigation of role of metal catalyst and substrates in gellium nitride nanowires synthesis by LPCVD techniqueRizal, Umeshn.d.
19-Jan-2021Synthesis and characterization of Titanium Aluminium Nitride thin films deposited by thermal CVD and ion beam sputtering techniqueDAS SOHAMSharma Ashis, Swain Prasad Bibhu
19-Jan-2021Effect of Security Breaches in the Behaviour of Reactive Routing Protocols for ManetsSEN BISWARAJSharma Kalpana, Ghose Kanti Mrinal