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Title: Development and evaluation of natural polysaccharide based buccal mucoadhesive dosage form of model opioid analgesic drugs
Researcher: Patel, A.S.
Guide(s): Shah, D.P.
Keywords: Aloe vera Gel Mucilage
Carboxymethylated Mucilage
Clinical Pre Clinical and Health,Pharmacology and Toxicology,Pharmacology and Pharmacy
Karaya Gum
Mucoadhesive Buccal Patch
Natural Polysaccharide
Polyelectrolyte Complex
University: RK University
Completed Date: 2017
Abstract: quotmucoadhesive dosage form of model opioid analgesic drug newlineBackground: Natural polysaccharides/chitosan polyelectrolyte complex based mucoadhesive buccal drug delivery systems for opioid analgesics newlineAim: The main objective of the study was to assess the potential application of natural polysaccharides based polyelectrolyte complexes to develop novel drug release rate controlled buccal mucoadhesive drug delivery system. Developed drug delivery system is capable to administer a drug like opioid analgesics directly into systemic circulation via buccal mucosa. The developed drug delivery system would be more effective in terms of improving bioavailability, quick onset of action and reduction in dose-related side effects of drugs which are suffering from hepatic first-pass metabolism. newlineMaterial and Methods: Three different natural polysaccharides, carboxymethylated Feronia limonia fruit pulp mucilage, aloe vera gel mucilage and karaya gum were selected for the preparation of polyelectrolyte complex with chitosan. Resulted polyelectrolyte complexes were characterized by FTIR and SEM. Further, the swelling behaviour of polyelectrolyte complexes was studied compare to natural polysaccharides. Mucoadhesive bilayered buccal patches were prepared from polyelectrolyte complexes by solvent casting method. An impermeable ethyl cellulose backing layer was placed to ensure unidirectional drug release from patches. The resulted mucoadhesive buccal patches were evaluated for swelling index, folding endurance, bioadhesive strength, ex vivo diffusion of drug and in vitro dissolution of the drug. A model opioid analgesic Tramadol HCl was used to study the nature of drug release from buccal films. A software aided optimization was carried out to understand the effect of formulation factors like amount of polyelectrolyte complex and plasticizer at three different levels on three major properties of films like swelling index, tensile strength and in vitro dissolution. newlineResult and Discussion: It has been observed that all resultant patches p
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