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10-Mar-2021I Indias Trade Relation with Association of South East Asian Nations ASEAN Challenges and Prospects under Indo ASEAN Free Trade AgreementsMd. Sarafraz EqubalMd. Tahir Hussain Warsi
3-Apr-2020I Effects of molar ratio and doping zn pb sr concentration on the structural morphological and optoelectrical properties of spray deposited cds thin filmsANBARASINAGARETHINAM
28-Jan-2021I A richards as a criticMohoin, AbdulHaider, Aziz
28-Jan-2021I A Richards As a CriticMohoin, AbdulHaider, Aziz
16-Nov-2022I a richards theory of languageRAM PADARTH SHARMADAMODAR THAKUR
16-Nov-2022I a richards theory of languageRAM PADARTH SHARMAD. THAKUR
22-Sep-2017I across the boundaries_ a feminist approach to the study of three American and three Indian _Marathi_ autobiographies written by womenChandorkar, LeenaSinha, Prashant K and Kale, Kalyan
26-Feb-2020I And Thou Towards A Theory Of Perception In The Poetry Of Charles TomlinsonRajagopalan.RP.Gopalakrishna Kurup
14-Nov-2022I ARichards Theory of LanguageRAM PADARTH SHARMADAMODAR THAKUR
20-Jun-2017I Breeding olitorius jute for high yield and resistance to premature flowering II anthocyanin pigmentation pattern in hibiscus cannabinus and the mode of its inheritance III inheritance of seed number and seed size in the crosses between large seeded and small seeded hibiscus cannabinus varietiesChakravarty, KamalakshaGhosh, T
12-Jul-2016I C Nanda Sant Singh Sekhon ate Balwant Gargi de natkan vich istri patar ik alochanatmak adhianKaur, ManjitSingh, Raghbir
4-Jul-2016i Chemical investigation of the rutaceous plants limonia alata and evodia luna ankenda ii synthetic experiments in pyrrolo 2 3 b quinoline systemMohan, P SShanmugam, P
15-Jun-2018I Chloroacetylation of some organic compounds and study of their chemical and pharmacological properties II studies on medicinal plantsMoitra, Swapan KumarAdhya, R N
20-Jun-2017I Cytology of apocynaceae and modification of cell behaviour through chemicals and II genetics of anthocyanin pigmentation and some quantitative characters of riceBarua, MadhuriGangulee, H C
14-Mar-2016I Gytogenetical and mutation studies in tobacco II studies on the cytological effects of some vegetable and mineral oilsPatel, K ASwaminathan, M S
28-Jan-2020I Me and Other A Study Of Single Women in Agartala TownSharmistha ChakrabortyRuma Deb Nath
27-Sep-2022I motif based DNA pH sensors design delivery and spatiotemporal pH mapping of endocytic pathwaysSouvik ModiYamuna Krishnan
5-May-2021I motif DNA secondary structure in cancer therapeuticsSaha, PujaDash, Jyotirmayee
11-Jul-2016I N A movement and its mpact in ManipurMoirangthem Shanti DeviNaorem Joykumar Singh