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25-May-2022A Novel Solid Liquid Circulating Fluidized Bed SLCFB Reactor Hydrodynamic and Mixing studiesThombare, Manjusha AnandraoChavan, Prakash Vishnu
25-May-2022Advanced Bioprocess Development for Enhanced Biobutanol ProductionNimbalkar ,Pranhita RanjeetsinhaChavan,Prakash Vishnu
25-May-2022Facial Recognition Under the Constraints of Variation in Face EmotionsKasar, ManishaPatil, Suhas
25-May-2022A Study to Assess the Impact of Skill Training Programme on Knowledge and Skills of Health Task Force Regarding Identification and Management of High Risk Mothers During Postnatal Period in Selected Areas of Pune DistrictKaur, JasneetRay, Suresh Kumar
25-May-2022The Role of Memory in Learning English Vocabulary Among efl esl LearnersGholamhossein, Kheirabadi SahelehZirange, Rajaram S.
25-May-2022Biobutanol Production Pretreatment and Downstream ProcessingKhedkar, Manisha AshokChavan, Prakash Vishnu
25-May-2022Studies on Synthesis Characterization and Biological Investigations of Metal Chelates of Zn II Cd II and Hg II With 2 amino 3 chloro 2 acetamido 3 chloro 1 4 Naphthoquinone and their Oxime DerivativesKulkarni, Shubhangi VivekPawar, Avinash B.
25-May-2022Assessment of Training to Community Pharmacists and Evaluate the Impact of Trained Pharmacist on Pharmaceutical Care ServicesPawar, Sunita BhausahebPawar, Atmaram P.
25-May-2022Clinical Study of Mashaditaila Nasya in Manya Stambha With Special Referance to Sharangdhar SamhitaKatkar, Shubhangi R.Vedpathak, Surendra M.
25-May-2022Applications of Machine Learning Techniques for Developing Predictive Models for Select Engineering Colleges in the Pune CityBhoite, Sachin BhimraoMore, Ajit