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1-Apr-2022Functionalization of cellulose extracted from pine needles for specialty applicationsSapana KumariChauhan, G.S.
1-Apr-2022Analysis of some phosphorous and sulphur organic pesticides for the assessment of their environmental toxicityGupta, AditiSharma, D. K.
14-Mar-2022Stabilization of some enzymes by crosslinking and covalent binding for use in specialty applicationsJamwal, ShivaniChauhan, Ghanshyam Singh
14-Mar-2022Synthesis of Spherical Nanocellulose and Its Applications In Some Specialty FieldsBhagat RamChauhan, Ghanshyam Singh
14-Mar-2022Physico Chemical Studies on Micellar Behavior of Bile Salts Sodium Cholate Sodium Deoxycholate in Aqueous Solutions of Saccharides Galactose Lactose and Maltodextrin at Different TemperaturesSharma, VivekChauhan, Suvarcha
14-Mar-2022Molecular Interaction Studies of Some Antibiotics in Aqueous Solutions of Some Electrolytes Carbohydrates and Organic Acids at Different TemperaturesNathan, VikasSharma, Shashi Kant
14-Mar-2022New assay methods for some phenyl urea herbicides and their application in monitoring agro environmental pollutionSapana SumanSharma, D. K.
14-Mar-2022Thermodynamic transport and acoustic studies of doxycycline hyclate in water and in aqueous solutions of some amino acids at different temperaturesPoonamSharma, Shashi Kant
14-Mar-2022Thermo transport properties and acoustic studies of doxycycline hydrochloride oxytetracycline hydrochloride and minocycline hydrochloride in water and aqueous beta cyclodextrin at different temperaturesSharma, NishaSharma, Shashi Kant
14-Mar-2022Spectrophotometric and pulse polarographic determination of some herbicides in environmental and agricultural samplesNaresh KumarSharma, D. K.
14-Mar-2022Extraction of Nanocellulose from bagasse and its functionalization for specialty applicationsBansal, MonicaChauhan, Ghanshyam Singh and Sharma, Anupama
14-Mar-2022Physico chemical studies of ionic surfactants in aqueous solutions of tetraalkylammonium based ionic liquids ILS at different temperaturesManinder KaurChauhan, Suvarcha
14-Mar-2022Micellar and interactional behaviour of bile salts in the presence of metformin hydrochloride and ceftriaxone sodium at different temperatures a physico chemical studyKuldeep SinghChauhan, Suvarcha
14-Mar-2022Comparative Physico Chemical Studies of DTAB and 12 2 12 Gemini Surfactants in Aqueous Solutions of Fructose Maltose and Raffinose at Different TemperaturesKailash SinghChauhan, Suvarcha
14-Mar-2022Thermodynamic transport and acoustic studies of some and#945; amino acids in water and in aqueous citric acid at different temperaturesDinesh KumarSharma, Shashi Kant
14-Mar-2022Synthesis characterization computational and biological studies of di and tri organotin iv complexes of Hydroxamate LigandsChoudhary, Vineet KumarSharma, Neeraj and Bhatt, Arvind Kumar
27-Jan-2017Determination of some organic compounds of pesticidal importanceSharma, Devender KVerma, B C
27-Jan-2017Studies of thermodynamic and transport properties of some multi_charged electrolytes involving binary aqueous mixturesAnitaParmar, M L
27-Jan-2017Determination of some thiocarbonyl compounds and studies on their analytical aspectsSharma, NeelamVerma, B C
27-Jan-2017Transport properties of some 1_1 electrolytes in aqueous dextrose solutionsKumar, SatishBlokhra, R L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 254