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27-Dec-2017Activation of Imide Carbonyl Group By Brønsted Acid Lewis Acid Syntheses of Tetrahydro and#61538;and#61472;Carboline Derivatives and Related AlkaloidsMangalaraj, SRamanathan, C. R.
16-Oct-2017Azido and Phenoxo Bridged Dinuclear Copper II Complexes Derived from Mannich Base Ligands Magnetic Biological and Structural InvestigationsBhagyaraju, B.Anbalagan, K.
4-Nov-2010Binuclear copper(ii) complexes of end-off mannich base ligands & a novel discrete heterobinuclear Cu(ii)-Gd(iii) coupleKannappan, RRao, Sambasiva P
20-May-2019Carbene insertion into the n h bond catalyzed by cu i and ir i complexes facile construction of the c n bondRamakrishna KankanalaSivasankar, C.
13-Oct-2017Carbon Containing Al N and GaN Heterocycles Sterics Induced Structural DiversityMaheswari, K.Dastagiri Reddy, N.
4-Nov-2010Chemical and biological studies of some selected plantsJayaprakasam, RNair, Ramachandran A G
23-Mar-2020Chemical investigation of lichen substances and their biological and pharmacological activitiesAnanthi, R.Tinabaye, A.
20-Aug-2018Chemistry of H Cardanol DerivativesKamalraj, MSurya Prakash Rao, H
23-Mar-2020Conformationally rigid chiral bicyclic skeleton tethered bipyridine ZN OTF 2 catalyzed enantioselective organic transformationsVenkatanna, K.Ramanathan, C.R.
23-Sep-2014Conformationally Rigid Chiral Pyridine N OxidesGnanmani, E.Ramanathan, C.R.
20-Jun-2019Crystal engineering with strong and weak interactions solid state studies on isostructurality polymorphism and networksSuman BhattacharyaBinoy Krishna Saha
20-Aug-2018Cyclic voltammetric analysis and photoreduction behaviour of Co III and Cu II mixed amine complexes in binary solvent systemsManjunathan, MAnbalagan, K
10-Aug-2018Delocalization in Covalent Systems Structural Preferences and Frontier Gap EngineeringMarutheeswaran, SBalakrishnarajan, M.M
23-Mar-2020Design Synthesis and Characterization of Zwitterionic Palladium Complexes and Their Application as Catalysts in Suzuki Miyaura Cross Coupling Reactions in Neat Water and the Related Coupling Reactions in Organic MediumRamakrishna, V.Dastagiri Reddy, N.
4-Nov-2010Diastereoselection in the benzylation of cyclic b-keto ester enolates: remote substituent effectsRajamathe, SRao, H Surya Prakash
20-Jun-2019Diversity oriented synthesis developing scaffold switching strategy through multi component reactionsJayarajan, R.Vasuki, G
10-Aug-2018Electronic Structure and Bonding of PorphyrinoidsMuthu Austeria, PBalakrishnarajan, M. M.
15-Nov-2010Elucidation of the location and site symmetry of doped transition metal ions in dia and paramagnetic host lattices: a single crystal EPR studyDeepa, SRao, Sambasiva P
15-Nov-2010EPR studies and structure-property relations in Fe203- and CuO-containing glasses obtained via nitrate-citrate gel routeDeepa, MDas, Bidhu Bhusan
4-Nov-2010EPR studies on pure bimetallic and doped monometallic complexesSrinivasan, RRao, P Sambasiva