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17-Oct-2014Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous mcm 41 molecular sieves their catalytic activity in organic functional group protection and transformationsNedumaran, DPandurangan, A
4-Mar-2016Microporous and mesoporous aluminophosphate based molecular sieves synthesis characterisation and catalytic performanceRajesh, BMurugesan, V
24-Mar-2017Synthesis and characterization of graphene based nanocomposites for supercapacitor and environmental applicationsSaravanan, T.Jayavel, R.
11-Aug-2017Synthesis and characterization of Lead free ba1xsrxtio3 and srxba1xnb2o6 FerroelectricsAbduraoof KBalaji R
14-Mar-2018Investigations on the synthesis and characterization of binary transition metal oxide electrodes for supercapacitor applicationsV, VenkatachalamJayavel, R
28-Mar-2017Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of Schiff base metal complexesZemede, Yiheyis BogaleAnanda Kumar, S.
4-Mar-2016Fabrication of a flame fusion apparatus and crystallization of laser and superconducting substrate materialsKumar, MD ShajiSubramanian, C
4-Mar-2016Intermolecular interactions crystallographic and spectroscopic studiesKumar, SSubramanian, K
4-Mar-2016Studies on synthesis and characterization of hexaalkoxydisiloxanes and dialkoxyoctamethyltetrasiloxanes for engineering applicationsAmsavel, AAlagar, M
4-Mar-2016Synthesis modification and characterisation of y and bea zeolites and investigation of their catalytic performance in n alkylation and redox reactionsYuvaraj, SPalanichamy, M