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24-Mar-2017Investigations on structural optical and magnetic properties of rare Earth transition metal doped ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by auto combustion techniqueTholkappiyan, R.Vishista, K.
24-Mar-2017Synthesis and characterization of carrier oil stabilized iron oxide nanoparticles for antibacterial water treatment and corrosion inhibition applicationsPalanisamy, K. L.Meenakshi Sundaram, N.
24-Nov-2017Structural optical and magnetic properties of NiO and transition metal Cr Co and Fe doped NiO NanoparticlesM, Ponnusamy PS, Agilan
29-Oct-2014Preparation Optical And High Pressure Studies Of Pristine And Doped Cerium Oxide NanoparticlesSuresh Kumar KVictorjaya N
16-Mar-2017Synthesis and characterization of ZnO and silver nanoparticles for antibacterial photocatlytic and solar cell applicationsDevabharathi, V.Meenakshisundaram, N.
16-Mar-2017Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles for antimicrobial sensing and environmental applicationsCross Guevara Kiruba Daniel, S.Sivakumar, M.
16-Nov-2017Chitosan alginate and gelatin Nanoparticles as carriers for sustained in vitro delivery of S adenosyl L methionine esomeprazole and biotinB, MageshRajarajeswari, G R
16-Nov-2017Influence of metal ion dopants Zn PD on structural optical and photocatalytic activity of WO3 SnO2 NanoparticlesD, MadhanRajkumar, P
14-Mar-2018Production of Nano scale ZrO2 TiO2 and AL2O3 particles for refractory applicationsRauta, Prema RanjanRajendran, V
16-Nov-2017Phytosynthesis of transition metal Nanoparticles and their application in biodecolorization of dyesG, Balamurughan MPugalenthi, V