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21-Mar-2016Crystal structure analysis of compounds of biological interestLakshmi, SSubramanian, K
22-Mar-2016Molecular basis sporulation in bacillus studies on the formation and characterization of the crystal proteins of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensisSriram, RajagopalJayaraman, Kunthala
21-Mar-2016Crystal structure analysis of compounds of biological interest and a study on DNA binding of these moleculesSivaraman, JSubramanian, K
21-Mar-2016Investigations on the growth of KTiOPO4 RbTiOPO4 and LiB3O5 single crystals and their electrical and optical characterizationKannan, CVRamasamy, P
22-Mar-2016Investigations on the czochralski growth and characterization of acousto optic TeO2 and photorefractive Bi2 TeO5 and Bi12 Si Ge O20 crystalsKumaragurubaran, SRamasamy, P
21-Mar-2018Growth and characterization of pure and metal doped glycine derivative single crystals and their applicationsC, Ranjith Dev InbaseelanSaravanan, S
14-Mar-2018Investigations on the synthesis and characterization of binary transition metal oxide electrodes for supercapacitor applicationsV, VenkatachalamJayavel, R
15-Mar-2018Synthesis and supramolecular structural investigations on organicorganic and organic inorganic hybrid saltsD, SathyaSivakumar, K
3-Apr-2017Structure crystal growth and characterization of morpholinium perchlorate and carboxylic acid based crystalsArun Kumar, A.Ramasamy, P.
10-Mar-2016Structural studies on phosphorus and other compounds of biological interestSelladurai, SSubramanian, K