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29-Apr-2019Characterization and drilling of hardwickia binata narepa fiber reinforced epoxy compositesK. Sudha MadhuriDr. H. Raghavendra Rao
1-Aug-2019Development of web oriented knowledge based cad modeling system for spur gear and industrial battery stackE. Jayakiran ReddyProf. N. Venkatachalapathi and Prof. V. Pandurangadu
1-Aug-2019Development and characterization of the tubular electrode for multi layer hardfacing on ferrous alloysB. BalajiDr. C. Yuvaraj and Dr. M.L.S. Deva Kumar
1-Aug-2019Computational and experimental investigations of annular combuster for aero gas turbine engineMr. Marudhappan RajaDr. U. Chandrasekhar and Prof. K. Hemachandra Reddy
1-Aug-2019Experimental investigations of deep cryptogenic treatment on tungsten carbide end mill cutter on machining of p20 steel in cnc milling processM. VishnuvardhanDr. G. Sankaraiah andDr. M. Yohan
9-May-2019Biogenic synthesis and characterization of copper biocidal tool its applications and alloysN. Anantha KrishnaDr. Y.V. Mohana Reddy and Dr. B.Chandra Mohan Reddy
8-Jan-2019Investigations on wear performance of sintered aluminium beryl metal matrix compositesMr. Vinjamuri BharatDr. K. Venkateswralu and Prof. B. Durga Prasad
8-Jan-2019Experimental investigations on operating variables of ci engine using biodiesel for commercial viabilityMr. Shaik HussainDr. B. Sudheer Prem Kumar and Dr. B. Durga Prasad
12-Sep-2019Development and analysis of all cellulose nano composite films using cellulose nano fibril extracted from hardwickia binata fiberN.C. SandeepDr. H. Raghavendra Rao and Prof. K. Hemachandra Reddy
12-Feb-2019Experimental investigation on performance emission and combustion characteristics of a ci engine fuelled with diesel and ethanol blends with metal oxide nanoparticlesMr. P. Ravichandra GaneshProf. K. Hemachandra Reddy


Year Completed