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4-May-2017Design analysis and practical implementation of single phase grid connected photovoltaic system with maximum power point trackingJ. Surya KuamariDr. Ch. Saibabu
2-Mar-2016Formulation and evaluation of microparticulate drug delivery systems for selected anti diabetic drugsBalagani Pavan KumarDr. I. Sarath Chandiran and Prof. K.N.Jayaveera
21-Aug-2018Application of different controllers and their evaluation for controlling super heater in power plantsA. Yasmine BegumDr. G.V. Marutheswar
10-Nov-2017Method development and validation for the determination of genotoxic impurities in drug using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometryL. Narasimha Rao .KDR. K.V. N. Suresh Reddy and Porf. N. Devanna
10-Nov-2017A novel handoff management protocols for mobile networksBhaskar .SDr. G.A.E. Satish Kumar and Dr. P. Ramana Reddy
13-Aug-2015Formulation and evaluation of transdermal drug delivery system for the treatment of angina pectorisVaseeha Banu T.SDr. Sandhya and Prof. K.N. Jayaveera
4-Jul-2016Structural characterization of transition metal compounds by spectroscopic methodsG. Udaya Bhaskara ReddyDr. S. Lakshmi Reddy and Dr. R. Padma Suvarna
27-Dec-2017Development and evaluation of simvastatin transdermal drug delivery systems using polymeric and solid lipid nanoparticlesN. Vijaya BhaskarDr. P. Ravi Prakash and Prof. N. Devanna
27-Dec-2017Experimental investigations on 4 stroke di diesel engine using methyl esters of polanga oil and karanja oils at different injection timings injection pressures and at dual fuel mode operationsP. VaraprasadDr. R. Hari Prakash and Prof. B. Durga Prasad
25-Apr-2018Content based image retrieval using shape descriptorPushpalatha S.NikkamProf. B. Eswara Reddy