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12-Oct-2021Role of Hysteroscopy As Therapeutic Tool In GynaecologyNeema AcharyaSwarnalata Samal
8-Oct-2021A Comparative Evaluation Of Periodic Intervention 0f School Based Areca Nut And Tobacco Awareness And CounselingApeksha DholeRahul Bhowate
8-Oct-2021Influence of individual characteristics on involvement of undergraduate students in scientific researchAnita ChalakNarendra Samal
8-Oct-2021Influences Of Cognitive Representations Of Cancer On Emotional Responses And Coping Strategies With Relation ToDeeplata MendheAbhay Mudey
8-Oct-2021Effect Of Training And Orientation Program On Knowledge Attitude And Practices With Respect To Breast Self Examination And Cervical Screening Among Adult Women In Wardha DistrictPratibha TogattiwarNilima Bhore
17-Aug-2022Exploring the etiological evidences at avascular necrosis of femoral head by investigative approaches of histopathology clinical assessment and radiologyDr. Kiran SoujiDr. Sandip Shrivastav
12-Aug-2022A critical appraisal of manual for accreditation for Medical Sciences Universities Institutions notified by National Assessment and Accreditation Council as against those in vogue in US and UK towards proposing a contextual modelDr. Gaurav MishraDr.Tripti Shrivastava
12-Aug-2022Effect of introduction research orientation module in ayurveda undergraduatesDr. Vaishali KuchewarDr. Priti Desai
17-Aug-2022comparing the role of b mode ultrasonography and strain elastography with histopathology in the assessment of depth of invasion of tumour in buccal oral squamous cell carcinomaDr . Rajasbala Dhande
24-Aug-2022Evaluation of the efficacy of neem extract mouthwash as an adjuvant therapeutic modality in the management of Oral lichen planusAshita Wasudeo Ghonmode (Kalaskar)Rahul Bhowate