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2-Nov-2021Use of sugar substitutes for the development of dietetic apple preservesBarwal,Vishal SinghKalia, Manoranjan
19-Jul-2021Soil plant water dynamics and soil health as affected by nutrient management practices under gram maize cropping sequenceDhiman, ShilvaDubey, Y P
19-Jul-2021Effect of vegetation on runoff production and utilization of stored water to evolve profitable vegetable crop sequencesSharma, Sheetalkapur, O C
24-Jun-2021Effect of irrigation scheduling and sowing time on water use and productivity of wheat triticum astivum L under defficit water conditionsSadana, RohitSaroch, Kapil
25-Feb-2022Influence of cold stress on expression of invertase and calcium dependent protein kinase genes in chickpeaShree, BhartiSharma, Kamal Dev
7-Jul-2021Molecular characterization of rust resistance introgressed into Linum usitatissimum L from its wild and cultivated gene poolKumar, NimitPaul, Satish
20-Jul-2021Genetic studies on triple test cross progenies for horticultural traits involving bacterial wilt resistant genotypes of brinjal Solanum melongena LKumari, SmitaChandel, K S
20-Jul-2021Genetic studies in tomato Solanum lycopersicum LDhillon, Navjot SinghSharma, Parveen
8-Jul-2021Mollecullarr cyttogenettiic anallysiis off rrye chrromattiin iinttrrogrressed brread wheatt rrecombiinantts fforr drroughtt ttollerrance and yellllow rrustt rresiisttanceSharma, ParulChaudhary,H.K
8-Jul-2021Combining ability and gene action studies for economic traits and disease resistance in linseed Linum usitatissimum LSran, Ranjeet SinghPaul, Satish