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1-Apr-2022Development of Low Cost Advanced Oxidation Process for Removal of Organic Moieties A Kinetic Mechanistic and Thermodynamic ApproachShelar, S. G.Sonawane, G. H.
1-Apr-2022Assessment and Impact of Heavy Metals Found in Ground Water Soil and Plants from Dhule to Palasner along National HighwayDhangar, D. B.Mahale, R. G.
1-Apr-2022Development of Novel Analytical Methods and Validation Studies on Few Active Medicaments in Pharmaceutical Dosage formsEdlabadkar, A. P.Rajput, A. P.
1-Apr-2022Electrochemical and Gravimetric Study of Some Expired Drugs as Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Acidic MediaChaudhari, L. P.Patel, S. N.
1-Apr-2022Synthesis Chacterization and Biological Evalution of Heterocyclic Schiff Bases and their Metal ComplexesBorse, J. B.Mahale, R. G.
1-Apr-2022Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel 1 2 3 Triazolyl Thiazole DerivativesShinde, V. N.Mahulikar, P. P.
1-Apr-2022Synthesis Characterization of doped Semiconducting Nanomaterials and their applications in gas sensing and effluent tretmentKoli, P. B.Kapadnis, K. H.
1-Apr-2022Synthesis and Characterization of Doped Nanomaterial and Their Applications in GAS SensorsShinde, V. S.Kapadnis, K. H. and Sawant, C. P.
1-Apr-2022Preparation and Characterization of Metal Oxide Nanocomposites and Their Applications for Removal of Inorganic Pollutants from Industrial EffluentsKondalkar, M. S.Attarde, S. B.
1-Apr-2022Studies of Natural Products from Fresh Water Crabs and Its Biological Efficiency with Reference to Structure activity RelationshipChavan, S. V.Patil, A. A.


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