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24-Mar-2022Synthesis Optical and Electrical Properties of Nanocrystalline Cd1xMnxS Thin FlimMali, A. E.Borse, S. V. and Ahire, R. R.
24-Mar-2022Synthesis and Application of Pure and Doped Indium Oxide Thick Films in Gas SensingAhmed, F. B. K.Mahanubhav, M. D.
24-Mar-2022Studies on Pure and Doped AgBiS2 FlimsBorse, S. R.Sonawane, P. S.
24-Mar-2022Growth and Characterization of Doped Bismuth Tri Sulphide Crystals by Gel MethodPatil, K. B.Sonawane, B. K. and Bendre, S. T.
22-Sep-2021Studies on Strontium Titanate SrTiO3 Thin flims Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis TechniqueAhirrao, R, B.Wagh, M. S.
22-Sep-2021Characterization of Lithium Copper and Mixed Lithium Copper Tartrate Crystals Synthesized by Single Diffusion Gel MethodSonawane, D. V.Ahire, R. R.
22-Sep-2021Study of Dielectric Properties of Contaminated and Reclaimed Soils from North Maharashtra Region at Different FrequenciesGolhar, N. P.Chaudhari. P. R.
22-Sep-2021Study of Dielectric Emissive and Scattering Properties of Leaves of Different Tree Species at Microwave FrequenciesKhatik, Shabana Bi Abdul RehmanAhire, D. V.
23-Sep-2021Growth Characterization and Dielectric Studies of Gel Growth Pure and Copper Doped Iron Tartrate CrystalsDhikale. M. DShitole, S. J.
3-Sep-2021Production of Semiconducting Zinc Oxide Nanostructured Powder using Ball Mill Assisted Sol Gel Hybrid Technique and Development of Gas Sensors for the Detection of CWA SimulantsPatil, D. G.Wagh, M. S. and Sonawane, P. S.