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25-Nov-2013Effects of volatile oil and nonsaponifiable fractions from nigella sativa oil and it’s constituent, thymoquinone against cardiovascular risk parameters in experimental hyperlipidemiaShafeeque, AhmadBeg, Z H
16-Feb-2018Conformational Characterization and Aggregation of the Folding Intermediate in some Heme ProteinsMohammad FurkanAabgeena Naeem
21-Nov-2013Studies on Thiol proteinase inhibitors (cystatins) from goat liverShah, AaliyaBilquees Bano
15-Feb-2018Computational Analysis and Alternatively Spliced Transcripts of Cancer Associated Genes from Mouse GenomeHassan Mubarak IshqiMohammad Tabish
21-Nov-2013Alternatively spl iced isoforms of cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic and regulatory subunits from mouse GenomeBanday, Abdul RoufMohammad Tabish
21-Nov-2013Saccharification of starch by soluble and immobilized amylolytic enzymesMohd Jahir KhanQayyum Husain
21-Nov-2013Interaction of anticancer drugs with divalent metal cu (ii), an in-vitro studySandesh ChibberImrana Naseem
21-Nov-2013Putative anticancer mechanisms of plant derived polyphenolic compounds (a putative mechanism of apigenin, luteolin, chrysin, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, resveratrol and genistein)Husain Yar KhanHadi, S M
21-Nov-2013Immobilization of plant and fungal and β- galactosidases by using bioaffinity supports and their applications in the hydrolysis of lactose from whey and milkShakeel Ahmed AnsariQayyum Husain
21-Nov-2013In vivo studies on riboflavin cisplatin interactionsIftekhar HassanImrana Naseem