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8-Nov-2021A Study on E Resources Knowledge of College Students In Relation To Their Attitude Towards Using Social Media And Ict SkillsSHAKIRA BEGUM SNAGASUBRAMANI P C
1-Nov-2021Academic Achievement Of Higher Secondary Students In Relation To Study Involvement And Institutional ClimateJANI VJesudoss I
5-Nov-2021Competency Of Teachers And Students To Use Mobile Technology And The Extent Of It S Use For Improving History Learning At High School LevelRAJESH SRAMAKRISHNAN N
5-Nov-2021Job Satisfaction Of College Teachers In Relation To Their Job Stress Mental Health And Attitude Towards TeachingMEENAKSHI RLAKSHMI SHANMUGAM P N
5-Nov-2021Psychological And Personal Correlates Ofteacher Effectiveness Of Higher Secondary TeachersTHIRUNAVUKKARASU RKALAI ARASI N
3-Nov-2021Beyonderic Traits And Para Academic Activities In Relation To Their Academic AchievementSURESHBABU APANDIYAN U
5-Nov-2021Attitude Towards Information And Communication Technology Classroom Climate And Learning Satisfaction Among Higher Secondary StudentsNIRMALA GRACE RANI SJOSEPH CATHERINE
5-Nov-2021Cognitive Performance Problem Solving Skill And Emotional Adjustment With Reference To Nutrition Knowledge Among High School StudentsINDUMATHI TRAMAKRISHNAN N
5-Nov-2021A Study On Interpersonal Intelligence Of Higher Secondary School Teachers In Relation To Their Self Awareness And Self MotivationSUDHAKAR NMAGALINGAM A
3-Nov-2021Effect of Ecological Intelligence on Developing Ecological Sensitivity Among Prospective TeachersCAROLINE MARIA MMANI S