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15-Jan-2018Physical and spectral studies of transition metal ions doped lithium potassium borate glassesRao, Srinivasa GMurty, Narayana T
25-Jan-2016Optical and thermal stimulated luminescence of some rare earth ions doped pbosio2 glassesinfluence of al3 ionsBhargavi, KVeeraiah, N
25-Jan-2016The optical and structural investigation of re3pr3sm3 ho3 ions in sodium zirconium silicate glassesPoli Reddy, VRami Reddy, M
25-Jan-2016Physical and spectral studies of CdOSrOB2O3SiO2 CdSBSi glass system doped with transition metal ions cJalli, Santhan KumarCole, Sandhya
25-Jan-2016Acoustic volumetric viscometric and spectroscopic studies of some binary liquid mixtures of anisic aldehyde at different temperaturesPrathipati Baby Sandhya SriRambabu, C
25-Jan-2016A study on marine boundary layer and microphysical characteristics of precipitating clouds over palau in Pacific OceanVenkata Raju, SReddy, K Krishna
25-Jan-2016Electrical and spectroscopic properties of li2osb2o3geo2 glasses doped with some transition metal ionsRangu, VijayKrishna Rao, D
25-Jan-2016Influence of al3 ions on photoluminescence and thermoluminescence characteristics of some rare earth ions doped lead silicate glassesSundara Rao, MVeeraiah, N
25-Jan-2016Dielectric studies on heterocyclic fe3o4 nanodoped and ferroelectric mesogens at radio frequency regionLingineni, Tanuj KumarSreehari Sastry, S
8-Sep-2015Radical Cyclization Routes To The Synthesis Of a Methylene Cis Fused Bicyclic Systems, Synthesis Of Osmundalactone, ItS Epimer And Butyro Lactone Moiety Of Angiopterlactone AChary, Devoju HarinadaSharma, G V M