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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
2-Apr-2020Structural, Dielectric and Ferroelectric properties of CuO and SnO2 substituted BMZT CeramicsGattu, Sankara RaoRamesh, K.V.
2-Apr-2020Synthesis characterization and photoluminescence properties of LaPO4: Ln3+[Ln=Ce,Eu,Pr,Sm,Dy,Tb] phosphorsParvin, Shaik NiyazNannapaneni, Poornachandra Rao.V
2-Apr-2020Investigation of optical and structural properties of RE3+ (Eu3+ / Pr3+ /Yb3+) ions in MnO co-doped BaO-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2 glassesLakshmi, P.VijayaReddy, M. Rami
2-Apr-2020Synthesis and luminescent studies of rare earth doped blue green and red emitting phosphorsPrasanna, P B LakshmiRao, B Subba
1-Apr-2020Synthesis and characterization of transition metal ions doped CdOZn3(PO4)2 nanocompositesYamparala, Nagabhaskara RaoCole, Sandhya
1-Apr-2020Investigations on optical and luminescence features of Dy3+ and Pr3+ ions in lead bismuth phosphate glasses mixed with some sesquioxidesRam, G. ChinnaRao, D. Krishna
31-Mar-2020Studies on spectroscopic properties of transition metal Ions (Ti3+, Mn2+) and rare earth Ions (Sm3+, Dy3+) doped Na2O-PbO-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2 glassesBabu, Vijaya KCole, Sandhya
31-Mar-2020Synthesis characterization and spectroscopic investigations of multicomponent Na2O PbOBi2O3 SiO2 glass ceramics doped with some 3d transition metal oxides as nucleating agentsRao, M V SambasivaRao, D Krishna
30-Mar-2020Spectroscopic studies of certain transition metal ions doped pb3o4 m2o zno p2o5 m li na and k glassesPrasad, M V V SrinivasSastry, S Sreehari
30-Mar-2020Synthesis characterization and spectroscopic studies of caf2 zno bi2o3 p2o5 glass system crystallized with tio2 coo mno and fe2o3 as nucleating agentsAchuta, Suneel KumarRao, D Krishna
30-Mar-2020Study of thermoacoustic optical and transport properties of binary liquid mixtures containing 1 4 butanediol at different temperaturesSubbaRao, BJaddu, Venkata Srinivasu
30-Mar-2020In vitro degradation studies on bioactive caf2and#61472;caoand#61472;b2o3and#61472;p2o5and#61472;mo bao sro mgo and zno glasses influence of some transition metal ionsVijaya KumariVeeraiah, N
30-Mar-2020Spectroscopic dielectric piezo optical acoustic and elastic properties of PbO ZrO2 SiO2 TiO2 glass ceramicsRao, A SubbaVeeraiah, N
30-Mar-2020Investigations on transition metal ions doped CdSe nanopolymersSekhar, BRavikumar R V S S N
30-Mar-2020Structural and optical properties of rare earth ions doped NaCaAlPO4F3 nanophosphorsNagaraja, RRavikumar, R V S S N
30-Mar-2020Influence of bi3 ions on spectroscopic properties of some transition metal ions and rare earth ions doped lead silicate glassesSuresh, BReddy, M Srinivasa and Veeraiah, N
30-Mar-2020Dielectric and spectroscopic studies on CuO and Ag2O doped glass ceramicsNaresh KumarVeeraiah, N
30-Mar-2020Trace elemental analysis of soil and food grain samples of kidney effected area using edxrf techniqueTupati, Pothu RajuDas, Lakshmana N
19-Sep-2019Structural and spectroscopic studies of rare earth ions doped zincborophosphate glassesHima Bindu SLinga Raju Ch
17-Sep-2019Structural and spectroscopic investigations of PbO GeO2 SiO2 Nb2O5 glass system and doped with VI B group transition metal oxidesNarendrudu, ThiriveedhiRao, Krishna D
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 130