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17-Apr-2013Expression of OsDREB2A transcription factor confers enhanced dehydration and salt stress tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.)Garladinne MallikarjunaMallikarjuna, K
17-Apr-2013A study on the production of bioactive compounds by Streptomyces sp MSLRaja Hima Bindhu, MVijayalakshmi, M
17-Apr-2013Isolation of promising endogluconase, exoglucanase and β-D-glucosidase enzymes producing Aspergillus flavus from local environmental samples, optimization of enzymes production in submerged and solid state fermentation, and partial purification and characterization of enzymesSatheesh K Kumar, GSreenivasulu, P
25-Jan-2017Assessment of anti pneumonic anti oxidant anti inflammatory and pharmacognostical activity of cymbopogon citratus and myristica fragransSujathalkshmi, RAmmani, K
25-Jan-2017Antimicrobial antioxidant studies of medicinal plants and characterization of bio active compounds in hildegardia populifolia Sterculiaceae leavesBabu, K SunilAmmani, K
25-Jan-2017Studies on detection of bacterial pathogens from food water and pharma samples using multiplex PCR and comparison with conventional microbiological methodsRao, K VenkateswaraVijayalakshimi, M
6-Dec-2016A study on bioactive metabolites from a terrestrial streptomyces strainNarayana, K JayaprakashVijayalakshimi, M
6-Dec-2016Studies on cultural biochemical and molecular characterization of salt tolerant root nodulating bacteria from horse gram Macrotyloma uniflorum Lam VerdcPrachavati, EMallaiah, K V
25-Jan-2017Studies on cultural biochemical and molecular diversity of rhizobium isolates nodulating sesbania sesban L MERRSridevi, MMallaiah, K V
25-Jan-2017Isolation of promising endogluconase exoglucanase and b D glucosidase enzymes producing Aspergillus Flavus from local environmental samples optimization of enzymes production in submerged and solid state fermentation and partial purification and characterization of enzymesKumar, G SatheeshSreenivasulu, P