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17-Apr-2013Insilco studies on aurora B inhibitors to identify novel lead compounds for the treatment of cancerJayashankar, LSyama Sundar, B
17-Apr-2013Phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of ricinus communis leaves and seedsSreenivasa Prasanna, PSyama Sundar, B
13-Apr-2015A study on pharmacognostic phytochemical and pharmacological profiles with emphasis on antioxidant and organ protective potential of amorphophallus paeoniifolius dennst nicolsonNataraj, H NSetty, Ramachandra S
2-Jan-2015Development and validation of novel hplc methods for the estimation of selected drugs in bulk samples and pharmaceutical formulationsVatchavai, Bhaskara RajuRao, A Lakshmana
10-Jan-2018Comparative study on oral formulations identification and evaluation of drug release in different dosage formsKazim, Syed MohdIbrahim, Mohammed
10-Jan-2018Formulation and evaluation of gastroretentive floating tablets of anti diabetic drugsHussain, Mohammed AsifRao, Tadikonda Rama
25-Jan-2017Development of analytical methods and studies on process related impurities for some pharmaceutical substancesSuneetha, AchantiSundar, B Syama
25-Jan-2016Method development and validation for estimation of selected drugs in dosage forms and biological fluids by various analytical techniquesRaja Abhilash, PVenkateshwar Rao, J
10-Jan-2018Formulation and evaluation of novel drug delivery systems for enhanced bioavailability of bcs class drugsChella NaveenRao, Tadikonda Rama
10-Jan-2018Analytical method development and forced degradation studies for antihypertensive drugs in pharmaceutical dosage forms and biological fluidsDelhiraj NAnbazhagan S