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23-Apr-2013Spectroscopic and dielectric investigations of modified bismuth borate glasses doped with some transition metal oxidesRajyasree, ChKrishna Rao, D
23-Apr-2013Dielectric and spectroscopic properties of lead bismuth arsenate glasses doped with some transition metal ionsSrinivasa Rao, NVeeraiah, N
23-Apr-2013Dielectric, thermodynamic and structural studies on hydrogen bonded polar binary liquidsVijaya Krishna, TSreehari Sastry, S
6-Aug-2013Spectroscopic and dielectric investigations of znf2-bi2o3-geo2 glasses doped with transition metal oxides CuO, Fe2O3, CoO and AgOVinaya Teja, P MKrishna Rao, D
23-Apr-2013Microstructural, dielectric and spectroscopic properties of Li2O–Nb2O5–ZrO2–SiO2 glass system crystallized with CuO and V2O5 & Emission features of Nd3+ and Ho3+ ions in Li2O–Nb2O5/Ta2O5/La2O3–ZrO2–SiO2 glass systemsSrikumar, TVeeraiah, N
23-Apr-2013Ultrasonic, volumetric and viscometric study of molecular interactions in certain liquid mixtures and solutionsSreekanth, KKrishna Rao, D
23-Apr-2013Spectroscopic and electrical properties of Na2SO4–BaO–P2O5: Fe2O3 glass system & Role of modifier oxide in emission spectra and kinetics of Sm3+ and Er3+–Ho3+ co-doped Na2SO4–MO–P2O5 glassesRaghava Rao, PVeeraiah, N
23-Apr-2013Dielectric dispersion and electrical conductivity studies on Fe2O3 mixed lithium yttrium silicate glasses and up-conversion and NIR luminescence studies of Ce3+–Yb3+ and Tm3+–Yb3+ co-doped lithium silicate glass system - influence of yttrium ionsRamesh Babu, N ChNaga Raju, G; Veeraiah, N
23-Apr-2013Thermoluminescence dosimetry studies of industrially important mineralsAnkama Rao, KNannapaneni, Poornachandra Rao.V
23-Apr-2013Dielectric and conformational investigations on hydrogen bonded polar binary liquidsMadhu Mohan,TSreehari Sastry, S