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24-Mar-2020Influence of heat generation absorption on a boundary layer flow of nanofluid power law fluid in the presence of viscous dissipation a numerical studyK, DasaradharamaiahGangadhar, K
24-Mar-2020Some results on multiobjective programming mixed saddle points with generalized invexityDevanandam, DolaSatyanarayana B
24-Mar-2020Structure theory of almost boolean algebrasChudamani RU M Swamy
24-Mar-2020Thermodynamic and transport properties of binary liquid mixturesRao, Patibandla venkateswaraRavindhranath k
24-Mar-2020Evaluation of molecular interactions in certain liquid binaries of diethyl malonate through thermo physical and spectroscopic properties at different temperaturesUdaya Lakshmi, ChRambabu C
24-Feb-2020Analysis of drug combinations of type ii diabetes hypertension and high cholesterol in pharmaceutical dosage forms by rp hplc methods using photodiode array detectorPrameela, LakshmiHari Babu B
24-Feb-2020Thermodynamic and transport properties of binary liquid mixtures of 3 chloro aniline with isomeric butanols higher alkanols carboxylic acids and ketones at different temperatureRahul DRamachandran D
24-Mar-2020Isolation of chemical constituents of some medicinal herbs and evaluated their antiinflammatory antioxidant adipogenisis and antimicrobiological activitiesReddy, Emani LakshmaTrimurtulu. G
30-Mar-2020Groundwater development and impact of watershed programme in chevella area of Telangana IndiaPenumaka RameshSankara Pitchaiah P
30-Mar-2020Spectroscopic dielectric piezo optical acoustic and elastic properties of PbO ZrO2 SiO2 TiO2 glass ceramicsRao, A SubbaVeeraiah, N