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17-Sep-2019Structural and spectral properties of Zn3 PO42 ZnO nanopowders doped with Ti3 VO2 Mo5 and W5 ionsKarra, SatyavathiCole, Sandhya
17-Sep-2019Management of water resources in India A study on the role of hydrological information system HISRanjan, Hridaya JRao, Viyyanna K
17-Sep-2019Evaluation of heavy metals accumulation in selected murrels channa striata and channa marulius from river Krishna Andhra PradeshHemanth Kumar VKrishna P V
17-Sep-2019A study on isolation and structural elucidation of bioactive compounds from Saccharomonospora oceani VJDS 3 isolated from mangrove ecosystem of Nizampatnam A PMani, Deepa IVijayalakshmi, M
17-Sep-2019Design synthesis characterization biological and computational evaluation of some new fully unsaturated2 substituted4 6dichlora1 3 5triazine based chalcone hybrids as potential antimicrobial and cytoxic agentsVenkata, Pavan KumarPrameela Rani A
17-Sep-2019Highly robust and efficient vehicle detection tracking and classification model for intelligent transportation systemSanda, Shri HarshaRao, Anne Koteswara
17-Sep-2019Heteroaryl cyclization spectral characterization and biological evaluation of some new chalcones of carbazole and their derivativesNizami, Syed AzharMarihal, Subhas C
17-Sep-2019Studies on morpho physiological biochemical and molecular responses of kodomillet Paspalum scrobiculatum germplasm under salinity stressPrasanthi Kumari RVishnuvardhan Z
17-Sep-2019Impact of developmental programmes on scheduled tribes A study in Kurnool district of Andhra PradeshRamanjineyulu, HarijanaSomasekhar K
30-Mar-2020Studies on the formulation of feeds with Copper nanoparticles for demonstration of growth patterns of Litopenaeus vannamaiBhanu Prakash, KP V Krishna