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30-Dec-2016Authentication using IRIS pseudo textures based fuzzy vaultReddy, E SreenivasaBabu, I Ramesh
30-Dec-2016Synthesis and spectral characterization of novel organophosphorus compoundsVenkateswarlu, C HSatyanarayana, P V V
30-Dec-2016A study of the role of the monopolies and restrictive trade practices commission in the execution of the monopolies and restrictive trade practices act 1969 in IndiaRao, V NarasimhaMurthy, D Dakshina
30-Dec-2016Phyto-toxicity and residue quantification of chloropyriphos in black gram Vigna Mungo and green gram Vigna RadiataBethapudi, Rajendra BabuZ, Vishnuvaradhan
30-Dec-2016Genomic signals method to identify diabetes and diabetic genes Applications to diabetic biomarkersP Krishna Subba, RaoRao, Allam Appa
17-Apr-2013Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new Azole HeterocyclesKesur Rajade RamMurty, M S R
22-Apr-2013Nitrogen stress induced alterations in the primary biophysical processes of photosynthesis in the cyanobacterium, synechococcus 6301 (Anacystis Nidulans)Shamim Basha, KMurthy, S D S
23-Apr-2013Dielectric and spectroscopic investigations on multi component lithium aluminium zirconium silicate glasses mixed with TiO2 and WO3 & Spectroscopic features of Pr3+ and Er3+ ions in Li2O–ZrO2–SiO2 glass matrices mixed with some sesquioxidesSrinivasa Rao, ChRavi Kumar, V
23-Apr-2013Non-linear optical, piezoelectric, elastic, spectroscopic and dielectric studies on ZnF2–PbO–TeO2: TiO2 glass ceramicsNarasimha Rao, NRavi Kumar, V
23-Apr-2013Studies of molecular interactions in binary mixtures of anisaldehyde with arenes and cresols at different temperaturesKolla NarendraNarayana Murthy, P