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17-Sep-2019Characterization and spectroscopic investigations of multi component CaF2 Bi2O3 P2O5 B2O3 glass ceramics doped with some 3d transition metal oxides as nucleating agentSuresh SRao, Krishna D
17-Sep-2019Phosalone an organophosphate induced toxicity biochemical and haematological changes in freshwater fish Ctenopharyngodon idellaNirmala KRathnamma, Venkata V
17-Sep-2019Combative fisherman at fish landing centresMopidevi, RamaraoKarnatakam, Sarada Devi
17-Sep-2019Development and characterization of pan based gel polymer electrolytes for polymer battery applicationsNadella, Krishna JyothiMurty, Narayana P
20-Feb-2020Importance of judicial activism and need of judicial reforms pertaining to justice for all a case study of west godavari district of Andhra pradeshkrishna, Allu RadhaVali, MD Mastan
20-Feb-2020Internal displacement and post conflict partitioning of jos NigeriaBello, Talatu BabuChandra Kumar k
24-Feb-2020Thermodynamic and transport properties of binary liquid mixtures of 3 chloro aniline with isomeric butanols higher alkanols carboxylic acids and ketones at different temperatureRahul DRamachandran D
24-Feb-2020Analysis of drug combinations of type ii diabetes hypertension and high cholesterol in pharmaceutical dosage forms by rp hplc methods using photodiode array detectorPrameela, LakshmiHari Babu B
31-Mar-2020Studies on spectroscopic properties of transition metal Ions (Ti3+, Mn2+) and rare earth Ions (Sm3+, Dy3+) doped Na2O-PbO-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2 glassesBabu, Vijaya KCole, Sandhya
2-Apr-2020Investigation of optical and structural properties of RE3+ (Eu3+ / Pr3+ /Yb3+) ions in MnO co-doped BaO-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2 glassesLakshmi, P.VijayaReddy, M. Rami