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10-Jan-2018Marketing of banking services a comparative studyMabunni, ShaikSreenivas, T
10-Jan-2018Synthesis and characterization of novel heterocyclic molecules having benzoxazinone indole oxadiazole hiadiazole and triazole moietiesLuther, Bethala JawaharRao, Basaveswara M V
25-Jan-2017Development and validation of new analytical methods for the assay of some drugs in bulk and Pharmaceutical dosage formsRao, M SrinivasaRamachandran, D
25-Jan-2017Contributions to near ring theory IVKumari, Arava Venkata VijayaSatyanaryana, Bhavanari
25-Jan-2017Optimized and validated reverse phase HPLC visible and derivative spectrophotometric methods for the determination of some selected drugs in pure and pharmaceutical formulationsRamu, GRambabu, C
25-Jan-2017Visible spectrophotometry and high performance liquid chromatography as tools for the assay of selected drugs in pharmaceutical formulationsSrinivas, B VenkataPrasad, U Viplava
25-Jan-2017Combating child labour through national child labour project special schools NCLPs A case study of NCLP special schools in Krishna and Guntur districts of Andhra PradeshShaik, EsufSarma, M V Narasimha
25-Jan-2017Palanati vira charitra A heroic ballad sung by Malas the Dalits of PalanaduBabu, P RanjanSwamy, Y Kumara
25-Jan-2017Stereoselective synthesis some bioactive piperidine and indolizidine alkaloids along with development of new synthetic methodologies using amido sulfones and Baylis Hillman adductsDamodar, KongaraDas, Biswanath
25-Jan-2017Characterization of oil palm Elaeis Guineensis Jacq germplasm from Africa grown at coastal Andhra Pradesh India Biochemical and molecular approachesGeddam, SujathaMandal, P K