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25-Jan-2016Exploratory studies on antidiabetic and antioxidant properties of ethanolic extract of annona squmousa leaves in stzinduced diabetic rat kidneyMohan, PReddy, K Sathyavelu
25-Jan-2016Studies towards the synthesis of Biselyngbyaside and b c6f5 3 catalysisGontla, RajeshChandrasekhar, S
30-Dec-2016Studies on the biotransformation of acrylonitrile to acrylic acid using rhodococcus ruber AKSH 84Matam, Shiva KumarKamal, Ahmed
13-Apr-2015Studies on pectinase producing bacteria: screening Isolation molecular characterization and optimization of physic chemical parameters for maximizing the enzyme productionLalitha Kumari, BRao, Venkateswara G
30-Dec-2016Physicochemical and antimicrobial activity studies of the ternary complexes Cu II and Hg II with 8 hydroxyquinoline and various salicylic acidsSwamy, R YAnjaneyulu, Y
25-Jan-2017Studies on entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana in the control of Oil palm pests and its cloning and expression of pathogenic Bbchit1 genePinnamaneni, RajasekharKalidas, P
25-Jan-2017Molecular studies on production of engineered staphylokinase as a novel fusion protein for effective thrombolytic therapyKanth, P KrishnaRao, K R S Sambasiva
25-Jan-2017Phytoochemical and biological studies of selected Indian traditional medicinal plants asparagus racemosus aerva lanata and abrus precatoriusKumar, MaheshRao, B Ganga
25-Jan-2017Studies on the screening strain improvement optimization purification and characterization of alkaline protease by bacillus licheniformisLakshmi, GPrasad, N N
25-Jan-2017Studies on defluoridation and detoxification of copper using various carbons prepared from plant materials as low cost adsorbentsRaju, K A RamaRao, K Somasekhara