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30-Mar-2020Influence of bi3 ions on spectroscopic properties of some transition metal ions and rare earth ions doped lead silicate glassesSuresh, BReddy, M Srinivasa and Veeraiah, N
30-Mar-2020Dielectric and spectroscopic studies on CuO and Ag2O doped glass ceramicsNaresh KumarVeeraiah, N
3-Apr-2020On radicals of near-rings and LP-near-ringsKrishnaveni, CheruvuRao, Ravi Srinivasa
3-Apr-2020Boundary layer flow of an electrically conducting fluids through a porous mediumSundar, Majety SyamGangadhar, K.
4-Apr-2020Synthesis and anti cancer evaluation of Oxadiazoles chalcone incorporated quinazoline pyridine incorporated chalcone derivatives and synthesis of 2 halo aromatic isothiocyanates by iodine catalyzed desulphurization strategySapavat, MadhaviRamesh Raju R
30-Mar-2020Synthesis characterization and spectroscopic studies of caf2 zno bi2o3 p2o5 glass system crystallized with tio2 coo mno and fe2o3 as nucleating agentsAchuta, Suneel KumarRao, D Krishna
30-Mar-2020Trace elemental analysis of soil and food grain samples of kidney effected area using edxrf techniqueTupati, Pothu RajuDas, Lakshmana N
24-Mar-2020Isolation of chemical constituents of some medicinal herbs and evaluated their antiinflammatory antioxidant adipogenisis and antimicrobiological activitiesReddy, Emani LakshmaTrimurtulu. G
24-Mar-2020Influence of heat generation absorption on a boundary layer flow of nanofluid power law fluid in the presence of viscous dissipation a numerical studyK, DasaradharamaiahGangadhar, K
24-Mar-2020Some results on multiobjective programming mixed saddle points with generalized invexityDevanandam, DolaSatyanarayana B