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30-Mar-2020Studies on the formulation of feeds with Copper nanoparticles for demonstration of growth patterns of Litopenaeus vannamaiBhanu Prakash, KP V Krishna
30-Mar-2020Isolation transportation in vitro expansion and molecular characterization of human cadaver derived retinal pigment epithelium employing a novel thermo reversible gelation polymerKumar, R SenthilAbraham, Samuel JK
30-Mar-2020Studies on the development of some antiretroviral drugs into nanoparticles through optimization by designManikiran, S SNandendla, Rama Rao
31-Mar-2020Synthesis biological and computational evaluation of some new diarylsulfonylureachalcone hybrid moleculesNaidu, AkkuluPrasad, Y Rajendra
31-Mar-2020Studies on process development and characterization of cold active galactosidase from thalassospira frigidphilosprofundus a potential psychrophile from deep waters of bay of bengalKumar, Ponnada SureshRao, K R S Sambasiva
31-Mar-2020Molecular epidemiology of indian rabies virus isolates and development of rt lamp assay for their detectionReddy, R V ChandrasekharSatya, A Krishna
31-Mar-2020Biotransformation of pinene by newly isolated strain gluconobacter japonicus to produce verbenone a valuable aromatic chemicalPriya, DeepthiChowdary, Ghanta Venkaiah
31-Mar-2020Bioactivity assay of phytochemical compounds isolated and characterized from screened medicinal plantsKatta, Meera SowjanyaSatya,A Krishna
2-Apr-2020Studies on the cat fish resources of lake kolleru with special reference to the biology of freshwater fish mystus cavasius HamiltonSuresh PKrishna, P V
2-Apr-2020Synergistic effects of some medicinal plants for the treatment of psoriasis A skin diseaseHussain, Shaikh Gazi ShaikhAli, Sadath