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30-Dec-2016Studies on enhancement of dissolution rate and bioavailability of selected BCS - class II drugs through solid dispersion technologiesMuralidhar, SuripeddiRao, G Devala
25-Jan-2017Development and comparative evaluation of controlled release pellets of some anti anginal drugs by pan coating and fluid bed coating processPrasad, M BhanuVidyadhara, S
25-Jan-2017Spectrophotometric and high performance liquid chromatographic methods for the assay of selected drugs in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage formsRao, M NageswaraRambabu, C
25-Jan-2017Development and validation of new reverse phase HPLC assay methods for drugs and formulationsS, AshokkumarNadendla, Rama Rao
1-Dec-2016Development and validation of spectrophotometric HPLC and LC MS methods for the analysis of selected drugs in their formulations and biologicalSekaran, Chandra BalaRani, A Prameela
25-Jan-2017Visible spectroscopic and HPLC methods for the assay of selected drugs in bulk and dosage formsVardhan, S V MRambabu, C
25-Jan-2017Studies on development and validation of analytical procedures for the estimation of selected drugs through RP-HPLC and spectrophotometic methodsMadhavi, Alavala SivaSatyanarayana, P V V
25-Jan-2017Studies of HPLC and spectrophotometric methods for the assay of selected drugs in pure and dosage formsLakshmi, V NagaRambabu, C
25-Jan-2017Development and validation of spectrophotometric and RP HPLC methods for the determination of certain drugs in pure and pharmaceutical dosage formsEdupuganti, VenumadhavGarikapati, Devala Rao
25-Jan-2017Development and validation of new HPLC methods for the simultaneous estimation of some antiviral and antidiabetic drugs in their formulationsNakka, JyothiRao, J V L N Seshagiri