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30-Dec-2016Synthesis and spectral characterization of novel organophosphorus compoundsVenkateswarlu, C HSatyanarayana, P V V
30-Dec-2016Biochemical and molecular characterization of black pepper Piper Nigrum L pericarp degrading bacteriaV, VinodKumar, A
25-Jan-2017Characterization and defluoridation studies of active carbons derived from bio materials of Typha angustata Lagenaria siceraria and Acacia farnesiana plants as adsorbentsRao, Yeleswarapu HanumanthaRavindhranath, K
25-Jan-2017Characterization of cannabinoid CB1 receptor mediated Signaling and function in Gastrointestinal smooth muscleGattu, SunilaKarnam, S Murthy
25-Jan-2017Preparation and characterization of activated carbons from inexpensive materials and their evaluation on fluoride adsorptionRao, V SrinivasaRao, Kaza Somasekhara
25-Jan-2017Isolation and characterization on filamentous bacteria from foaming and bulking activated sludgeFaheem, Sultan MohammedShariff, Dawood Jalaluddin
25-Jan-2017Molecular characterization and pre-clinical toxicology studies of recombinant human interferon a-2b from E ColiKonda, Venkatarami ReddyTummuru, Murali K
25-Jan-2017Characterization of oil palm Elaeis Guineensis Jacq germplasm from Africa grown at coastal Andhra Pradesh India Biochemical and molecular approachesGeddam, SujathaMandal, P K
1-Dec-2016Molecular characterization of mutant genes and identification of dairy animal carriers for autosomal recessive disordersPatel, Rajesh KumarRao, K R S Sambasiva
30-Dec-2016Studies on molecular characterization rapid diagnosis and ecofriendly management of basal stem rot disease in coconut Cocos nucifera LAruna, KSrinivasulu, B