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30-Dec-2016Biochemical and molecular characterization of black pepper Piper Nigrum L pericarp degrading bacteriaV, VinodKumar, A
25-Jan-2017Biochemical and molecular evaluation of diabetic nephropathy in Settiyaar communityLatha, A TulasiSubrahmanyam, A
25-Jan-2017Relevance of aflatoxin B1 adduct S formation and its implication to resistance in groundnut cultivars - Immunochemical and biochemical approachPenmatsa, TanujaRao, B Sashidhar
25-Jan-2017Purification and Biochemical charcterization of ceramidases from camel brain and molecular signaling mechanism of UVC induced apoptosis in Duba cellsGhathoth, SahanasGaladari, Sehamuddin
25-Jan-2017Studies on fluoride poisoning and its possible role in development of renal failure using biochemical and molecular markersRao, P JaganmohanRao, K R S Sambasiva
6-Dec-2016Studies on cultural biochemical and molecular characterization of salt tolerant root nodulating bacteria from horse gram Macrotyloma uniflorum Lam VerdcPrachavati, EMallaiah, K V
15-Jan-2018Toxicological studies of pesticides phenthoate and butachlor on fingerlings of indian major carp labeo rohita hamiltonSomaiah KSunita K
15-Jan-2018Synthetic feed additives on biochemical and productivity of fish species under field conditionsVengaana, PNaik, Jagadish M
25-Jan-2017Biochmical studies on the hypoglycemic effect of ficus benghalensis in streptozocin treated albino ratsNagalakshmi, G Ch DSatyanarayana, P V V
25-Jan-2017In vitro studies antimicrobial activity and biochemical analysis in some convolvulaceae membersKaladhar, D S V G KHarasreeramulu, S