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9-May-2015Increasing the efficiency of software architecture recovery by graph mining techniquesAkthar, ShahedaTrimurthy, P
13-Apr-2015Studies on the effect of phosphorus molybdenum and vermin compost on the growth and yield in kharif and rabi groundnut arachis hypogaea iReddy, Narsimha SSri Rama Murthy, K
13-Apr-2015Studies on enhancement of dissolution rate and bioavailability of selected bcs class ii drugs through solid dispersion technologiesMuralidhar, SuripeddiRao, Devala G
26-Mar-2020Studies on effect of naringenin on 3 nitropropionic acid induced huntingtons disease like symptoms in ratsKadali, S.D.V.S. KiranRao, Pasam Venkateswara
26-Mar-2020A modified k means clustering and linear regression algorithms to assess quality of bibliometric indices versus citation parameters of journalsAnnapurna, B.Naidu, M.M.
30-Mar-2020Parental involvement self efficacy and social maturity in relation to academic achievement of secondary school studentsTalluri, SandeepSuneela, Esther M
30-Mar-2020Influence of bi3 ions on spectroscopic properties of some transition metal ions and rare earth ions doped lead silicate glassesSuresh, BReddy, M Srinivasa and Veeraiah, N
30-Mar-2020Dielectric and spectroscopic studies on CuO and Ag2O doped glass ceramicsNaresh KumarVeeraiah, N
26-Mar-2020Formulation and evaluation of delayed release enteric coated tablets of anti ulcer drugs pantaprazole employing novel enteric coated polymersDas, T.A.Rao, G. Devala
26-Mar-2020A study of efficiency of kernels with support vector machines in 3d face and ear recognition biometricsRatnam, Abburi Srirama KanakaBabu, I.Ramesh