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25-Jan-2017Molecular studies on production of engineered staphylokinase as a novel fusion protein for effective thrombolytic therapyKanth, P KrishnaRao, K R S Sambasiva
25-Jan-2017Biochemical and molecular characterization of black pepper piper nigrum L pericarp degrading bacteriaV, VinodKumar, A
25-Jan-2017Biochemical and molecular characterization of soil bacteria and their role in bioremediation of lead and mercury heavy metalsT, Eswar Ganesh BabuMastan, S A
25-Jan-2017Studies on cultural biochemical and molecular diversity of rhizobium isolates nodulating sesbania sesban L MERRSridevi, MMallaiah, K V
25-Jan-2017Molecular and biochemical characterization of ginger Zingiber officinale Rosc GermplasmKizhakkayil, JaleelSasikumar, B
25-Jan-2017Studies on fluoride poisoning and its possible role in development of renal failure using biochemical and molecular markersRao, P JaganmohanRao, K R S Sambasiva
6-Dec-2016Study of molecular interactions in binary liquid mixtures using some lower alcohols with ethylene glycolas as common componentsD, NagendraRamachandran, D
1-Dec-2016Molecular studies for designing and production of cationic antimicrobial peptide as an alternative to antibioticsHaritha, KRao, K R S Sambasiva
10-Jan-2018Molecular cloning expression purification and characterization of hematopoietic growth factor rh gcsf expressed in escherichia coliAruna AdusumilliRao, Ramakrishna K
6-Dec-2016Studies on cultural biochemical and molecular characterization of salt tolerant root nodulating bacteria from horse gram Macrotyloma uniflorum Lam VerdcPrachavati, EMallaiah, K V