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24-Aug-2017Comparative study of student youth Muslim and scheduled castes in selected institutions of higher learning in DelhiSajid, S. MSiddiqui, H Y
24-Aug-2017Impact of agricultural land use on nutrition and deficiency diseases in Jammu district of Jammu and KashmirKaul, GirishZaidi, Syed Sajid Husain
28-Aug-2017Bernstein type of inequalities and on location of zeros of polynomialsBhat, Aijaz AhmadDiwan, K K
24-Aug-2017A study of effectiveness of individualised language programme for expressive language disorders in case of children who are developmentally delayed in languageJoshi, RajniSharma, Kusum
24-Aug-2017Biochemical and genetic studies on xylem degradationQureshy, Asbah FatimahKhan, Luqman A and Khanna, Sunil
24-Aug-2017A study of the factors affecting cognitive abilities among visually handicapped and sighted children studying at primary level of schooling in DelhiSara BegumAmin, Najma
24-Aug-2017A study of contemporary approaches to value education and their effectiveness in promoting human valuesNanda, R TRuhela, S P
24-Aug-2017Quantization of relativistic fields wit fractional spin in 21 dimensionsMehra, AnupamaSharan, Pankaj
24-Aug-2017A comparative study of information processing strategies adopted by VII grade pupils taugh through traditional method and through concept attainment model in acquiring science conceptsVeena, SeemaAziz, Talat and Phalachandra, B
24-Aug-2017Pricing of new issues in IndiaeSingh, Sanjay KumarUpadhyay, K M