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1-Oct-2014Hydrogeological studies of gadilam river lower sub basin using remote sensing and gis by groundwater modeling approachRadhakrishnan DRamalingam M
9-Feb-2015Growth and characterization of amino acid based nonlinear optical single crystals of organic and semiorganic compoundsKalaiselvi DJayavel R
1-Jan-2015Growth and characterisation of kh2 po4 kdp crystals doped with metal ions dyes amino acids and effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on doped kdp crystalsKumaresan PMoothy babu S
1-Jul-2015The influence of codon content and mrna secondary structure on heterologous protein expression in ecoliThangadurai CNil
13-Oct-2014Catalytic applications of phosphoric acid modified zsm 5 zeoliteHerbert mabel JMurugesan V
15-Oct-2014Evaluation of immunoprophylactic efficacy of brugia malayi transglutaminase as single and multiple antigen vaccine with other target proteins for human lymphatic filariasisUma, VanamKaliraj, P
21-Nov-2014Some mhd free convective flows on vertical platesMaheswari JPandurangan J
10-Feb-2015Growth and characterisation of gallium nitride nanostructures and investigations on the effect of ion irradiation on mocvd grown gallium nitride epilayersSuresh kumar VKumar J
2-Dec-2014Studies on polyurethane based hydrogels ipns and compositesLynda merlin DSivasankar B
8-Oct-2014Optimization of high cell density cultivation for the production of recombinant filarial protein wbsxp1 and diagnostic application in human lymphatic filariasisJanardhan, SrinivasanKaliraj, P