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6-Feb-2015Mixed oxide coated on 316l stainless steel a novel material for biomedical applicationsNagarajan SRajendran N
26-Sep-2014Proxy caching algorithms for Enhancing the qos in streaming Of multimedia objectsSivakoumar RAnandhakumar P
1-Aug-2014Preparation and characterization of undoped antimony sb zinc zn bismuth bi doped and polyol assisted cuins2 thin films by spray pyrolysisMahendran CSuriyanarayanan N
17-Oct-2014Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous mcm 41 molecular sieves their catalytic activity in organic functional group protection and transformationsNedumaran, DPandurangan, A
31-Oct-2014Synthesis and characterization of metal complexes and their uses in organic transformationsKanmani Raja, KRajagopal, G
9-Oct-2014Design and performance evaluation Of forward reverse supply chain Networks for a replacement marketChandiran PSuryaprakasa rao K
9-Oct-2014Measuring retail service quality using RSQS and validating RSQS in the context of south indian retail storesRamakrishnan, MSudharani Ravindran, D
26-Feb-2019Synthesis and cyclic voltametric reduction of n hydroxyl 2 6 diaryl 3 Alkylpiperidin 4 one semicarbazones and thiosemicarbazones and the antimicrobial study of the productsVeeramalini J BBaskar G
26-Feb-2019Investigations of band selection techniques and endmember extraction algorithms for hyperspectral unmixingVeera Senthil Kumar GVasuki S
21-Aug-2014Assessment of the climate responsive architecture of traditional houses of warm humid climate zone a case study of chettinadu dwellings of TamilnaduRadhakrishnan SNagan S