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22-Mar-2016Investigations on the bulk growth of InSb and InSbBi crystals by vertical bridgman technique and their characterisationMohan, PremilaBabu, SMoorthy
22-Mar-2016Investigations in the enhancement of tissue discrimination of normal and diseased human brain tissues in vivo using magnetic resonance imaging in a clinico radiologic environmentSiromoney, AnnaPrasad, GNSivarama
16-Mar-2017Investigations on electrical discharge machining of Al SiC metal matrix composite using solid and multichannel electrodesMurugesan, S.Balamurugan, K.
30-Nov-2017Investigations on structural magnetic and electrical properties of some transition metal oxide ABO3 perovskitesA, Paul Blessington SelvaduraiMurugaraj, R
24-Mar-2017Certain investigations on VLSI implementation techniques and evolutionary optimization algorithms for digital signal processing applicationsMeenaakshi Sudhari, R. P.Anita, R.
21-Nov-2017Investigations on brushless DC motor based solar photovoltaic water pumping system for agricultureM, PandikumarMuthu, Ranganath
21-Nov-2017Investigation of power transformer failures for effective maintenance planning in electric utilitiesR, MuruganRaju, R
21-Nov-2017Certain investigations on metaheuristic algorithms based selective harmonic elimination in multilevel invertersM, Gnana SundariRajaram, M
21-Nov-2017Investigations on transmitter pre processing and multi polarized antenna techniques for MIMO IDMA systemB, PartibaneNagarajan, V
21-Nov-2017Certain investigations on improved meta heuristic algorithms for real time task assignment in heterogeneous multiprocessorsM, PoongothaiRajeswari, A