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4-Mar-2016Identification of host signalling pathways activated by outer membrane proteins of enteropathogenic E coli leading to inflammation barriers disrupation and apoptosisVasantha, MBalakrishnan, Arun
4-Mar-2016Bioactivity based screening for anti diabetic properties of medicinal plants leading to identification of the active moleculesRaju, PSBalakrishnan, Arun
4-Mar-2016Synthesis and characterization of acrylated and methacrylated epoxypolyamides and their photocrosslinking by uv radiationNagarajan, ERRajeshwari, N
4-Mar-2016Dosimetric and clinical aspects of electron beams in radiation therapySollin selvan, KLakshmanan, A V
4-Mar-2016Simulation and implementation of controlled quasi resonant converter systemsUma, GChellamuthu, C
4-Mar-2016A sociological study on gender participation in irrigation water managementSophia, J DKaarmegam, M
4-Mar-2016Development and evaluation of rapid immunodiagnositic test kits using the recombinant filarial antigen WbSXP 1 for the diagnosis of human lymphatic filariasisBaskar, L VijayaKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Experimental investigation of ballistic performance of glass polyester polymer matrix composite and ceramic encapsulated multicomponent composite systemsManickam, MA MuthuSubramanian, K
4-Mar-2016Studies on catalytic transformations transformations of a pinene B pinene 3 carene and camphene over vanadia titania anatase catalysts the the vapour phaseVivekanandan, GKrishnasamy, V
9-Feb-2015Resilient protocols for node Replication attack mitigation in WSNManjula VChellappan C