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31-May-2017Studies on the development of biosensor for the determination of dopamine using the phytoconstituents of pterocarpus marsupium roxbDeepa RManjunatha H and Krishna V
13-Jun-2017Bioinformatics application in characterization and identification of est derived microsatellites in brinjal S melongena and chilli C annuum for stress toleranceReena Rosy ThomasKrishna Reddy M and Riaz Mahmood
10-Apr-2017A proteomic approach to identify defense related proteins in musa paradisiacal cv puttabale challenged with the fungal pathogen fusarium oxysporum f sp cubenseVenkateshKrishna V
10-Apr-2017Acreening and characterization of novel antiangiogenic molecules from lettsomia elliptica wight ipomoea fistulosa and leea indica merrVijay Avin B RRamesh K C
10-Apr-2017Micropropagation and evaluation of bioactive compounds in heracleum rigens wall ex DCNataraj JRamakrishnaiah H
12-Apr-2017Crystal structure and molecular ddocking analysis of furan derivatives having pharmaceutical significance and determination of assembly of chains in protein targetsPrashantha KKrishna Murthy V
10-Apr-2017Studies on the dynamics of endotoxin clearing protein interaction network with curcumin and capsaicinBharath B RManjunatha H
10-Apr-2017Evaluation of efficiency of bacterial species as biorediation agents for endolulfan as a representative pesticideSarah SunithaKrishna Murthy V
12-Apr-2017Role of protein mannosyltransferases in s glycosylation of insulin precursor expressed in pichia pastorisNagaraja GManjunatha H
13-Jun-2017Screening of anticancerous conpounds form endophytes of crotalaria spsUmashankar TGovindappa M and Ramachandra Y L