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19-Apr-2016An investigation into the interaction effect of some teachers factors on academic achievement in English language among students of secondary schoolsSathish, C MBasavakumaraiah, P
19-Apr-2016An interaction effect of language proficiency emotional intelligence and reasoning ability on teaching competency of DEd studentsNeetha, A JUmadevi, M R
19-Apr-2016A study of burnout among teacher educators of DEd Institutions in relation to home climate teaching competency and attitude towards teaching professionNarasimha Murthy, RBasavakumaraiah, P
19-Apr-2016Emotional problems in secondary school children and its relation to life events and scholastic achievementShamshad Begum, BBasavakumaraiah, P
19-Apr-2016Construction and evaluation of self_instructional modules on environmental education for the BEd trainees of Karnataka UniversityBhat, Dayanand DShivashankar, H V
22-Apr-2016Certain structures on manifoldsPrakasha, D GBagewadi, C S
22-Apr-2016A study of dusty fluid flow in frenet frame field systemGireesha, B JBagewadi, C S
29-Apr-2016Molecular detection and analysis of huanglongbing bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus vectored by Diaphornia citri kuwayama hemiptera psyllidae causing Coorg mandarin declineSamuel, Duleep Kumar LRawal, R D and Mahmood, Riaz
29-Apr-2016Generation of single chain antibody fragments scFv for detection of Ralstonia solanacearum causing bacterial wilt of tomatoChandrashekara, K NAkella Vani and Ramachandra, Y L
13-Apr-2016Survey and documentation of Bryophytes in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary KarnatakaSathisha, A MKrishnappa, M