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29-Apr-2016A Green Protocol For The Synthesis Of Industrially Important Compounds Through Oxidative Bromination ReactionsJoshi, GirdharDr.S. Adimurthy
29-Apr-2016A Green Protocol for The Synthesis of Industrially Important Compounds through Oxidative Bromination ReactionsGirdhar JoshiDr. S. Adimurthy
12-May-2016A Study Of Active Constituents Of The Seeds Of Salvadora PersicaShethia, Bhupendra DhanvantraiProf. N.K. Undavia
19-May-2016A Study Of Chemical Constituents Of Industrially Important Desert PlantsPandya, Jayant BatukraiProf. N.K.Undavia
19-May-2016A Study Of Chemical Constituents Of Non Traditional Oil Seed PlantsRathod, Meena RajnikantProf. N.K.Undavia
11-May-2016A Study Of Dyeing Properties And Antimicrobial Activity Of Some New DyesNavadiya, Hareshbhai DevrajbhaiDr.B.S.Patwa
29-Apr-2016A Study Of Heterocyclic Compounds As Antimicrobial AgentsChaturbhuji, Parimal ManmohandasDr. N.K.Undavia
12-May-2016A Study Of Medicinally Potential CompoundsPatwa, Mitul BipinchandraDr. N. K. Undavia
29-Apr-2016A Study Of New Sulfur DyesJoshi, Kaushikkumar RatilalDr. N. K. Undavia
29-Apr-2016A STUDY OF PHOSPHORUS AGROCHEMICALSJani, Nilesh NauttamlalDr. N.K.Undavia
11-May-2016A Study Of Quinazoline DyesMendapara, Hareshbhai VallabhbhaiDr.B.S.Patwa
19-May-2016A Study Of Soil Assimilative Capacity Of Industrial Water PollutantsPathak, Satish R.Dr.Sudhindra N. Misra
29-Apr-2016A Study Of Synthesis and Antimicrobial Study Of Some Organic MoleculesJivani, Anilkumar RavjibhaiDr. B.S.Patwa
29-Apr-2016A Study On Drug PotentialsBavadia, Ruchir Z.Dr. N.K.Undavia
29-Apr-2016A STudy On PesticidesBenjamin, S.Dr.P.B.Trivedi
13-May-2016Absorption Difference And Comparative Absorption Spectra As Probe In Elucidation Of Structures Of Praseodymium III And Neodymium III Complexes With Nucleotides And Nucleic AcidsSuveerkumar, C.MSudhindra N. Misra
11-May-2016Absorption Difference And Comparative Absorption Studies Of Lanthanons Like Nd III And Pr III Complexes With Biomolecule In SolutionRathod, Dineshkumar RamjibhaiDr.Surendra B.Mehta
26-Apr-2016Absorption Difference And Comparative Spectroscopy As Tool In Elucidating Lanthanide Ligand InteractionChaudhari, Kiran G.Dr.Surendra B.Mehta
10-May-2016Absorption Spectral And Comparative Absorption Spectral Studies Of Lanthanide Coordination Complexes In SolutionsMathew, Suma KSudhindra N. Misra
26-Apr-2016Absorption Spectral Studies Of Reactions Involving Lanthanoid Ions And Organic MetabolitesCabaltin, wendy NayarDr.Sudhindra N. Misra