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24-Mar-2022Structural Electronic and Thermoelectric Properties of Half Heusler CompoundsPeeyush Kumar KamleshVerma, Ajay Singh
25-Mar-2022Synthesis and evaluation of therapeutical profile of some novel quinolin 8 YL thiazolyl substituted thiazolo fused five six and seven membered heterocyclesSharma, RaviD. Kishore
25-Mar-2022Phytochemical and pharmacological investigations of the Albizia lebbeck L Benth with special reference to the Ranthambore Sawai Madhopur populationSingh, PurendraAgrawal, Teena
25-Mar-2022Studies on some novel coordination compounds and their biological applicationsSAIKH MOHAMMAD WABAIDURRajendra and Mohammad Azam
4-Feb-2022Design Synthesis of 124Trioxanes and Their Biological AssessmentsAkriti KumariVerma, Ved Prakash
22-Feb-2022Evaluation of out of field dose by measurements and by Monte Carlo simulation methods in modern radiotherapy linear acceleratorsSHINE N.S.RAGHUKUMAR P.
22-Feb-2022Phytochemical characterization and antioxidant potential of some edible flowersMelda, SunilDwivedi, Jaya
22-Feb-2022Structural Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Full Heusler CompoundsSukhenderVerma, Ajay Singh
22-Feb-2022Bayesian Modeling of Reliability and Survival Analysis for Censored DataGoyal, TeenaRai, Piyush Kant
18-Feb-2022A facile one pot domino entry of the privileged pyrimidine and quinazoline nucleus on to the nitrogen containing five membered ring compounds through their nitrile derivativesGosalia, Umang A.Kishore, D. and Dwivedi, Jaya