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26-Feb-2021Experimental investigation modelling and analysis of machining characteristics in drilling of nimonic c263 alloy under different machining environmentNagaraj MA John Presin Kumar
26-Feb-2021Post occupancy evaluation of residential satisfaction a case study of gated communities in Chennai metropolitan area IndiaJacob, PreethaChander, Sheeba
13-May-2020Design of a novel radon transform and chaotic mask based encryption technique for effective multimedia transmission using SDRJha, Avinash KumarHimanshu Shekhar
25-Feb-2021Analysis of wavelet extensions for epileptic seizure detection using support vector machineKanna, Venkatesh TVallikannu A L
25-Feb-2021Induction motor stator inter turn short circuit fault detection using artificial neural networkGayatri Devi RKuncheria, P Isaac
1-Mar-2021Self tel architecture based fault identification and delay aware data management for IOTmobile edge environmentKavitha B CVallikannu A L
26-Feb-2021Probabilistic finite element analysis of Heavy duty commercial vehicle radiator towards a robust design on structural performanceRoy, Robin PHariram V
26-Feb-2021Performance analysis of mammogram images and shape description for breast cancer detectionKumara Guru Diderot PN Vasudevan
26-Feb-2021Investigation on static and dynamic behaviour of intra ply hybrid carbon aramid epoxy composite laminatesRubanrajasekar BR Asokan
26-Feb-2021Ovarian detection and classification using machine learning techniquesV KiruthikaRamya M M