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Title: Factors Affecting Birth Weight of a Newborn A Community Based Study
Researcher: Dr.Chandra S. Metgud
Guide(s): Dr.Vijaya A Naik
Keywords: Birth weight Newborn
Community based study Prevalence
Low Birth Weight Multivariate
Univariate Logistic regression Risk factors
University: KLE University
Completed Date: 01/04/2011
Abstract: Background and Objectives ABSTRACT Intrauterine growth and development is one of the most vulnerable process in human lifecycle and its aberrations can result in lasting profound influence in later life. Growth of the fetus is influenced by maternal, environmental and genetic factors. Different studies have revealed that significantly associated risk factors for the birth weight of a newborn vary according to the geographical location and the study population. Hence, the present study was undertaken with the objective to know the factors affecting the birth weight of a newborn and also to estimate the prevalence of low birth weight. Methods The longitudinal study was carried out amongst the pregnant women and their newborns residing in area covered by Kinaye Primary Health Centre. The study was conducted from 1 st June 2008 to 31 st X December 2009. A total of 1138 pregnant women were interviewed using predesigned and pretested structured questionnaire. Results The mean birth weight of newborns was 2.61 ± 0.38 kg with a range of 1.2 to 3.8 kg. The prevalence rate of low birth weight in our study was 22.92%. On further analysis it was noted that 27 (2.35%) of newborns had birth weight lt 1.8 kg, 117 (10.20%) between 1.8 to 2 kg, 119 (10.37%) between 2.1 to 2.49 kg, 625 (54.49%) between 2.5 to 2.9 kg and 259 (22.59%) of newborns had birth weight and#8805; 3 kg. On univariate logistic regression analysis the risk factors for birth weight of newborn noted in our study were: Maternal age and#8805; 30 years (OR 2.00, p 0.017), Hindu (OR 8.62, p 0.035) and Muslim (OR 8.19, p 0.043) religion, Maternal education (OR 2.38, p 0.001), Husband s education (OR 2.31, p 0.030), Calorie intake of lt 70% of RDA (OR 3.36, p 0.002), Protein intake of lt 50% of RDA (OR 2.14, p 0.007), Exposure to passive smoking from husband (OR 2.03, p 0.002), Age at first pregnancy and#8805; 25 years (OR 2.11, p 0.000) , BMI lt 18.5 (OR 2.68, p 0.001), No registration for Antenatal care (OR 9.01, p 0.009), and#8804; 2 Antenatal visits during pregnancy (OR 2.91, p 0.000), lt 100 IFA tablets consumption (OR 2.71, p 0.000), Maternal height and#8804; 140 cm (OR 6.78, p 0.000), Weight gain and#8804; 4 kg during pregnancy (OR 5.95, p 0.000), Maternal weight at last week of gestation and#8804; 45 kg (OR 3.61, p 0.000), PIH (OR 3.89, p 0.000), Haemoglobin concentration lt 10 gm/dl in the 1 Haemoglobin concentration lt 11 gm/dl in the 3 XI st rd trimester (OR 2.01, p 0.000), trimester (OR 1.73, p 0.001), Grandmultipara (OR 3.55, p 0.001), Birth interval lt 2 years (OR 2.38, p 0.000), Presence of risk factor (OR 4.38, p 0.000), Previous LBW baby (OR 4.82, p 0.000) and and#8805; 2 abortions (OR 3.28, p 0.016) and Institutional deliveries at Tertiary Health Centre (OR 2.23, p 0.000). The significant risk factors on multivariate logistic regression were Maternal education (OR 3.23, p 0.046), Passive smoking (OR 2.27, p 0.034), Age at first pregnancy and#8805; 25 years (OR 3.57, p 0.024), Birth interval lt 2 years (OR 2.43, p 0.006), Previous LBW baby (OR 3.29, p 0.028), Weight gain and#8804; 4 kg during pregnancy (OR 7.04, p 0.000), Maternal weight at last week of gestation and#8804; 45 kg (OR 2.27, p 0.013), PIH (OR 3.31, p 0.042), Presence of risk factor (OR 3.59, p 0.000) and Late antenatal registration (OR 3.62, p 0.043). Conclusion The present study revealed that maternal illiteracy, passive smoking, late child bearing, less birth spacing, previous LBW baby, maternal weight, weight gain during pregnancy, PIH, presence of risk factors during pregnancy and late antenatal registration were the risk factors significantly associated with the birth weight of a newborn. newline
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