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5-Nov-2020Regulatory requirements for controlled drugs and its impact on drug availabilityR, MahalakshmyV, Balamuralidhara
28-Oct-2021Formulation and evaluation of hydrogels for wound healing applicationKanna, SandeepGupta, Vishal Kumar
28-Oct-2021Formulation and evaluation of oral lipid based drug delivery system for poorly aqueous soluble drugsYadav, Vinod KumarV, Balamuralidhara
26-Oct-2021Assessment of clinical and economic impact of pharmacist intervention in patients with chronic kidney diseaseR S, SavithaRamesh, M
26-Oct-2021Development and evaluation of fluoroquinolones loaded microspheres against pulmonary mycobacterium infectionM V, BhavyaGowda, D V
26-Oct-2021In Silico design synthesis and evaluation of murd and mure ligase inhibitors as antibacterial agentsSaha, NiladriAfzal Azam, Md
11-Nov-2020Assessment of pharmacist initiated interventions among elderly patients in a tertiary healthcare settingBharathan Menon, VineethaRamesh, M
16-Feb-2022Development and evaluation of tumor homing peptide linked surface modified liposomes of capecitabine to target her 2 positive breast cancerSingh, Mantosh KumarGanesh, G N K
16-Feb-2022Carbon nanotubes loaded with t30 oligonucleotide and ibrutinib for the effective management of prostate carcinoma formulation design development and in vitro characterizationRaja, MSureshkumar, R
16-Feb-2022A study on the role of telmisartan on glial cell functions and bioenergetics in mouse model of parkinsons diseaseBipul RaySaravana Babu, C