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16-Feb-2022Carbon nanotubes loaded with t30 oligonucleotide and ibrutinib for the effective management of prostate carcinoma formulation design development and in vitro characterizationRaja, MSureshkumar, R
16-Feb-2022A study on the role of telmisartan on glial cell functions and bioenergetics in mouse model of parkinsons diseaseBipul RaySaravana Babu, C
16-Feb-2022Management of diabetic wounds using collagen chitosan acellular dermal matrix impregnated with antimicrobial peptideBharat Kumar Reddy, SV V S Narayana Reddy, Karri
16-Feb-2022Development and evaluation of quercetin and and#946; carotene loaded nanoemulsion for improved therapeutic efficacy in diabetes mellitusM, ManoharVishakante Gowda, D
16-Feb-2022Dna gyrase gyrb and topoisomerase iv dual inhibitors design synthesis and antibacterial activityGurram, Swarupa RaniAfzal Azam, Md
16-Feb-2022Design synthesis and evaluation of some novel antibacterial agents targeting pare enzymeVidyasrilekha, YeleAfzal Azam, Md
16-Feb-2022Drug recall procedures in brics countries gcc countries and united states usfda a comparative studyK, Sujith KumarSenthil, V
16-Feb-2022Review and evaluation of regulatory process in not of standard quality and spurious drugs in india in comparison with europe and usaS, UmeshH V, Raghunandan
22-Dec-2021Analyzing the role of bioactive molecule bergenin in modulating neuroinflammationM, Tej GanapathyJ R, Kumar
22-Dec-2021Effect of bioactive molecules from oxalis corniculata on biochemical and pharmacological properties of doboia russelii snake venom pla2sK S, KiranJ R, Kumar