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16-Sep-2019Formulation and development of terbinafine loaded sln incorporated in hyaluronic acid gel for improved bioadhesion against vulvovaginal candidiasisV Harsha, MerikanapalliSenthil V
16-Sep-2019Comparative haemovigilance requirements of brics countries with that of usfda and ema guidelinesSreekumar, P KPramod Kumar, T M
10-Apr-2019Establishing medication error reporting and monitoring program in a tertiary care hospitalChalasani, Sri HarshaRamesh M
10-Apr-2019Characterization of synthetic nrf2 modulators for the treatment of colorectal cancersC, PrathimaM.V.S.S.T SubbaRao
10-Apr-2019Identification and characterization of deregulated genes for the diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancerB S, Anjali DeviM.V.S.S.T SubbaRao
1-Aug-2019In silico virtual screening design synthesis and 3d qsar study of novel murd inhibitors as potent antibacterial agentsSrikanth Jupudiquot Afzal Azam, Mdquot
1-Aug-2019Structure based design synthesis and evaluation of novel antitubercular agentsNeenu GaneshGurubasavaraj V, Pujar
11-Apr-2019A study to assess the memory impairment activity of newer anti epileptic drugs and to develop a nootropic anti convulsant combined therapyJohn Mohan, AsherKrishna, K L
1-Aug-2019Evaluation of chemoprotective effect of morinda citrifolia noni against anticancer drugs induced toxicityMohammad AliManjula, S N
1-Aug-2019Evaluation of protective effect of few medicinal plants on ethidium bromide induced demyelinationNeelamma, GDuraiswamy, B