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22-Oct-2013Activated carbons for environmental applicationsMartins, SabinaFernandes, Julio B
16-Feb-2017Asymmetric organocatalysis and synthesis of natural productsBugde, Sandesh TTilve ,Santosh G
29-Dec-2014Beneliciation of goan ore rejects to get pure iron oxide and utilisation of the iron oxide to synthesize ferrites high tech magnetic materialsVerenkar, Vidiiyadatta M SRane,, K S
21-Oct-2013Catalysts for Ammonolysis of C4 Aliphatic alcoholsKakodkar, Sachin BFernandes, J B
28-Feb-2018Catalysts for electro oxidation of methanolSamant, Purnakala VFernandes, Julio B
10-Feb-2015Catalysts for methylation of phenolGandhe, Aditi RFrenandes, Julio B
28-Jan-2020Catalytic and solid state studies of metal tungstates and molybdatesNaik, Satish JSalker, A V
28-Jan-2020Catalytic detoxification of exhaust gases co no over mixed metal oxide nano catalystsDesai, Mithil S FalSalker, A V
29-Dec-2014Catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide over manganite spinelsGurav, Shridhar MSalker, A V
28-Feb-2018Catalytic properties of ZnO and ZnO modified HZSM 5 zeoliteNaik, Sajo PFernandes, Julio B
26-Dec-2014Chemical examination of uvaria narum and transformation reactions of carbocyclic compoundsFondekar, Kamalesh Pundalik PaiPaknikar, S K
21-Jan-2019Chemistry of 5 block metal coordination polymers synthesis reactivity characteristics spectroscopic and structural investigationsShetgaonkar, Santosh YesoSrinivasan, B R
28-Jan-2020Chemistry of polyoxometalates synthesis characterization and propertiesKhandolkar, Savita SagunSrinivasan, B R
31-Oct-2013Chemistry of some Bivalent metal 4-nitrobenzoates: synthesis, Spectroscopy, Reactivity studies, Thermal properties and structural characterizationSawant, Jyoti VasantSrinivasan, B R
21-Oct-2013Development of plastic materials for nuclear track detectionMascarenhas, Adlete A ANadkarni, V S
29-Jan-2020Domino reactions in organic synthesisTorney, Prachi STilve, Santosh G
28-Jan-2020Doped and supported metal oxide catalysts for methylation of phenolBraganza, Celia FatimaSalker, A V
28-Feb-2018Electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen on cobalt oxide spinel in alkaline fuel cellUskaikar, Harsha PundalikBudkuley, Jayant
29-Dec-2014Electroless nickel plating on aluminiumHinds, Sadanand ShivnathBhudhakule, J S
23-Dec-2014Isolation and synthetic studies on natural productsPatel, C JivexaPaknikar, S K